Molasses – honey made of apples

Πετιμέζι συσκευασία 500ml

Superior Taste AwardMolasses is available in 100ml and 500ml vials and 100ml in a dozen.

Superior Taste AwardMolasses is a product made with PDO ZAGORIN firikia and is manufactured and packed in exclusive partnership with the traditional workshops of the Women’s Agricultural Cooperative of Zagora. Molasses is an 100% natural product made from firiki without the addition of any preservatives, pigments or sugar. Firikia are a variety of apples of high nutritional value. Mollasses has most of the apple’s features, as one part of mollasses comes from ten parts of apple juice. This dark, viscous elixir is known as “the honey of the Centaurs” and is a sweetener known to humans for centuries. It was the traditional sweetener in every house until it was replaced by sugar. Its excellent aroma and healing properties made mollasses a common food for children, but also a pleasant “medicine” for the irritated throat. Pancakes, donuts and yoghurt are perfect with this natural syrup. Mollasses offers a great deal of energy and high levels of iron and calcium. It has similar antibiotic and healing properties with honey. Mollasses has begun to re-invade the eating habits of modern gourmet kitchens, as the latest word of fashion in chef’s sweet and salty alchemy. It has multiple uses in cooking and pastry, but it stands out as a “sweet” ally for natural iron during periods of pregnancy and breastfeeding, with intense antidepressant action, and a sweet “escort” with coffee and tea. The product is kept for a long time outside the refrigerator.

Molasses from Pelion firiki was awarded the Superior Taste Award.

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